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ZeroSoft was founded in 2001 through the fusion of a software company and a typesetting office.
Both companies have worked many years together. At the end of the 90es, there was already a request to convert typographic data into generic formats like SGML. For the interpretation of typographic details, the software company needed the experience of the typesetters. During working together, the typesetters have learned, that a structured and clean typesetting could be easily exported.


Under these circumstances, we have qualified our team for data conversions. Input and output data have been changed many times in 11 years. Nobody speaks today about PageMaker or SGML. The actual trend is Indesign, XML, ePub, eBook, etc. It doesn't matter which data types are being processed, our philosophy remains the same: data must be respectfully processed, the employee must think two steps in the future.


The structuring and classification of the content brings more value to the data. Often we have requests to transform simple text paragraphs into detailed structured data. Legal or medicine text, tourist guides need content interpretation. Language skills are necessary in this case. With a few exceptions, we work only with German companies together. Our office is located in Timisoara, a Romanian city with Austrian history background. More German schools and a German university are the perfect source for qualified and German speaking employees.

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